Future Windows Gaming Experience Demo Video Leaked

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A video showing Microsoft’s goal for its next-generation gaming platform has leaked. This Video is allover the web from May 2010 but now ZDNet describes Internal Microsoft Video shows plans for next generation gaming experience, Describes as This is an internal Microsoft team video showing concepts and principles of what the WGX (Windows Gaming Experience) team working on it. Microsoft is on action in games on Windows, on Xbox, and on their mobile platform is what we see as a goal in this video.


The company’s Windows Gaming eXperience (WGX) team, which is comprised of all gaming-related endeavors between Microsoft’s platforms, has been clearly working hard. Hopefully this vision will actually turn into something more than just a research project. The Windows Gaming Experience (WGX) Team working on a new world-class gaming platform with the power of the PC. The Gaming Experience looks like Kinect actions, Well we going to enjoy this Gaming Experience in few years with the help of Microsoft.

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