Will facebook ever die?

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Facebook Ever Die

Second Life would have asked itself when it was peaking in 2007, will Second Life ever die? For kids who don’t what it is. Like most Kamal Hasan movies Second Life was ahead of its times. It’s a 3-D virtual world community. This was a rage way back in 2006 and look where they are today. I guess most of you wouldn’t even know if something like that ever existed. Same could happen to Facebook by 2015 but why? I’m not a dot com expert, just an ordinary internet user with little interest in the world of marketing ( courtesy my profession ). Here is my interpretation on why facebook will eventually die.

The world on internet runs purely on “attention” grabbing and “coolness” factor. Trust me very few of us go by technology or features. I remember the days when people proudly flaunted their hotmail id’s ( What hotmail and cool? well, it was a decade ago ) and suddenly everyone moved to yahoo. Do you think it was because yahoo was any superior to hotmail in terms of technology? yes? think again friend.

If I bring down the argument to India. Remember Orkut ( Ahhhh, Oh that site, I found many of my long lost friends there ) how many times in a day do you visit that now? chances are it is ZERO. wasn’t it a great portal 2 years ago? now what? If you look carefully feature wise almost all social media portals – Orkut, Hi5, friendster, myspace, facebook are almost similar but as of now facebook has slayed everyone, it has over 500million users.Facebook is doing well not because they are any unique. It is simply because they got our ‘attention’ it’s what I simply call as “Mass Hysteria”. It is a wave, it is a craze, it is a fad, it is in.

What happens when hysteria dies down? what happens when some “new” Zuckerberg gives us a fancy new platform? What happens when you simply get bored of Facebooking? you’re right, your guess is as good as mine. You would move on. I know engineers at facebook at working really hard to provide us new experiences and apps but you see the internet world is crazy beyond a point no one really cares. Facebook will die not because they won’t innovate or add new features, it would simply because you and me would loose “interest” in facebooking. Might sound outrageous but it is true. Look at hotmail, look at yahoo, look at orkut, look at napster they all met the same fate. My verdict is very clear & simple –Facebook will die and it is you and me my friend who would bring an end to this empire.

Do you endorse my opinion or you think it’s hollow speculation? have your say.

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