Facebook Forces New Profile Layout to all Users

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Facebook has rolled out a new profile to all of its users. Last month, the social network introduced the new format, and gave its users the option to upgrade to it early. Hundreds of millions apparently chose to do so, but now the rest are getting it whether they like it or not. The new profile has the following features, according to Facebook:

  • A quick summary of who you are (like where you live, work and grew up), right at the top of your profile
  • A row of recently tagged photos so friends can see what you’ve been up to lately
  • Room to highlight meaningful friendships (like teammates, co-workers or roommates)
  • More of your favorite activities and interests
  • The ability to tag your friends in important life experiences

Those who haven’t upgraded to the new profile currently get the following message at the top of their Facebook homepage: “Coming Soon: Your New Profile. In the next few days you’ll be upgraded to the new profile, which offers more ways to show and tell your story.” In other words, users are going to be forced to upgrade. Given that there has never been a single update to Facebook that hasn’t riled up millions of users, you can expect another public outcry about the profile change in the days to come.

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