Customize Your Facebook Profile with Themes and Video Chat

If you are facebook Addict then surely you will try this. There is no magic in customizing Facebook page, Just an Social Plus extension you can make everything possible here. yes, now a days facebook users spending time in customizing their profile page. why it so?, because it the place they live with friends.  Lets see how we can customize the Profile.


Background images:

As above picture you can add background images and even you can select lots of preloaded images in gallery. So your profile looks great when background images decorated.

Dislike Option:

More people in facebook expecting this feature in facebook but still facebook not yet officially announced it.. but through this extension we can get Dislike features and Rating the Post features too.

Formating Status and Smiles:

Yes You can Format the style of the status and even you can add smiles to the posts.. it gives most excellent attraction on your post.

Images Overview:

Without Clicking and Opening the Image you can view the full size of the picture just from the post or album. You need to move the mouse over the picture thats all it will enlarge the picture of original size.

Video Chat:

Do you wonder Facebook has Video chat. Yes this extension allow users to video chat in the same chat window, even we can nudge through Wizz Button.

Control Panel of Social Plus:

You can Invite, Report Bugs, change themes whatever through this Social Plus Control Panel.

Are you ready to customize now?


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