CityVille, world’s biggest game, hits 100 million active users

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In just 43 days, the newest Zynga game has managed to hit a milestone no other game has hit before. CityVille now has over 100 million active users, according to AppData.

The game launched on December 2, 2010 and grew faster than any game in history. In just 22 days, CityVille passed FarmVille, another Zynga game, to become the most popular game. At that time, we said the number of users would dip a little at some point because all games aren’t played by everyone who tries them out, but right now CityVille is still growing.

Zynga’s other titles are not nearly as successful as CityVille. Farmville currently has 57.1 million users, Texas HoldEm Poker has 36.3 million users, FrontierVille has 28.3 million users, and Mafia Wars has 18.8 million. Zynga reaches more than half of all Facebook users: it has 286.7 million users, which is significantly ahead of number two and number three: CrowdStar with 47.5 million users and Electronic Arts with 38.7 million users.

Like all of Zynga’s games, CityVille is free, but users can spend real money on virtual goods to enhance their experience of playing the game. Zynga makes a killing in revenue every year from the sale of virtual goods. Three months ago, the company was valued at $5.51 billion, which is more than Electronic Arts.

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