Airmail 3 – Perfect Mail Client For Mac

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  Airmail 3 comes out as the best and faster mail client for Mac. On seeing the features available in it, you will do have the same opinion. When Airmail 2 released, it also had some special features but it failed to satisfy in some aspects like it doesn’t have.....

5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Youtube

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When you visit a website, you expect that to be responsive, ads free, instant and provide what you need. Here today we are going to discuss top 5 Chrome extensions that you can add on your Youtube and make it work better and more efficiently. The extensions are in.....

Dobe External Cooler Fan for Your PlayStation4 – Review

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I bought my PlayStation4 few months back and placed inside the semi closed TV cabinet. When ever i play games more than 10 mins, my PS4 starts its woozy fan noise and i have noticed its too hot because of no air ventilation. We all know when Processor heats.....

The Basics of Third Party Data Recovery for Mac Users

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Apple computer users don’t need to worry about their hardware, right? It’s the best in the industry – the Volvo of personal technology brands – what’s the concern? Unfortunately, as the number of Apple products increases globally, this tenet of computer technology is further called into question. We know.....

Huawei Honor 5X – The Honest Review

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This is going to be more fun to review the phone from Huawei. Yes ! am talking about the Honor 5X. Huawei is a leading tech giant for more than a decade come up with new device better in look, feel & performance. This may not be the as.....
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