Preparing A Professional PowerPoint Presentation

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There's more to a PowerPoint presentation than slapping a few bar graphs on a blank page. If you want to capture your audience, and if you want your presentation to look sound and skilled, you'll need to take the following tips to heart......

Improper Volume Resizing May Cause Data Loss on Your Mac

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When it comes to resizing one or more volumes on the internal hard drive of your Mac, it is obvious for you to think at least twice before putting your hands on it. You must have a commercial partition manager compatible with the OS X version your Mac machine.....

Microsoft Launches Online; Google Doc Alternative

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In the game of  online document editors Google plotted their mark with the Google Docs which is more productive to all gmail users to edit their documents online without installing any document editing softwares. By following up Google, Apple also launched iWork, a web versions of their Pages (Document.....

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $19 Billion And Why?

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Facebook acquired Popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion in cash and stock. $4 billion in cash, $12 billion in Facebook stock and $3 billion in restricted shares. Jan Koum founder of WhatsApp will be joining as Facebook's board of directors. WhatsApp 5 year old company with 50.....

Best Call Recorder Apps For Your Apple iPhone

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With the iPhone priced at a fairly high amount, the phone is expected to perform complex and advanced functions. However, due to software stability and legal issues, the phone is somewhat insufficient in doing so. To compete with other cell phones in the industry, Apple has come up with.....
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