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Star Wars ‘JAKKU SPY’ VR Experience hits Android and IOS

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The recent launch of the official Star Wars app on both the Android and IOS platforms has created a stir in the digital world. The launch comes with the first look at the reality experience at the Jakku Spyvirtual developed by the studio behind the Star Wars films. Jakku

Listing Of Apps To Be Deleted Immediately From Your Child’s Mobile

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Experts say that Tinder, SnapChat and Ask FM are the most dangerous apps for teenager kids these days. These apps are on the top list for exposing kids to a probably unsafe environment and there can be many teenagers getting exposed to the world of criminals. Tinder is the

Best Call Recorder Apps For Your Apple iPhone

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With the iPhone priced at a fairly high amount, the phone is expected to perform complex and advanced functions. However, due to software stability and legal issues, the phone is somewhat insufficient in doing so. To compete with other cell phones in the industry, Apple has come up with

Top 5 Free Calling Apps For iOS, Android And PC

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Smartphones flooded the entire world, Most of the people had their hold over their smart phones. The only reason beyond these tremendous growth of smartphone users is the features and flexibility available in it. Now all of us using the smartphone not only for calling and texting. we also

How To Get iWork and iLife for Free On Older Macs

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Yesterday Apple announced that their iWork suite of apps (Keynote, Pages and Numbers) and iLife suite of apps (iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband) would come free with their new macs when you buy. All mac users aware of iWork suite and iLife suite of apps from apple, previously, these