Best Call Recorder Apps For Your Apple iPhone

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With the iPhone priced at a fairly high amount, the phone is expected to perform complex and advanced functions. However, due to software stability and legal issues, the phone is somewhat insufficient in doing so. To compete with other cell phones in the industry, Apple has come up with an extensive app store. The app store has a plethora of applications to cater to the needs of the user. Hence, it becomes a tedious task for the user to choose the best application for his requirement.

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Call recording is a basic function provided in most smartphones. The iPhone lacks a default call recorder, but the app store is fully loaded with call recording apps. Here, are a few of the best call recording applications available for iPhone users:

1. Google Voice 

Google Voice is widely used by users all over the world. However, most users are unaware of the fact that the application comes with an inbuilt call record feature. The call can be recorded by pressing the 4 key while receiving the call. The only drawback that the app has is that outgoing calls cannot be recorded. Being free of charge and having roots in Google Inc., the app offers stability unmatched by others in the segment.

2. TapACall Pro 

TapACall is truly of the best applications, as far as the graphical user interface is concerned. The app not only allows the user to record incoming and outgoing calls, but also provide online synchronization for the same. The quality of the recording will be the same as that of the call and the recording can by shared via text, email, Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox. Loaded with features and easy to use, TapACall tops the charts on the App store.

3. Phone Tap 

Phone tap is the most user friendly apps available on the store. The app can be used to record only the outgoing calls. The application comes with a recording credit of 20 minutes, which can be increased by making in-app credit purchases. The recordings made by the app can easily be emailed or saved on the memory of the phone.

4. Call Recorder 

Call Recorder is another application that allows easy recording of the outgoing calls. The free versions is loaded with a single use credit that allows the user to check record quality and assess the usage of the app. This provides the user an opportunity to assess the application before investing money.

Most of the aforementioned apps come with certain restrictions. For instance, the user is unable to record calls made from sky number or applications like Viber. Also, giving a default call record feature in the iPhone would make Apple liable to the legal layout of different regions. All the above mentioned apps come with a beep feature that ensures that both users are aware of the recording. Call recording apps without this feature, would fall under the category of spyware and cannot be legally put on the app store. Hence, the applications provided on the app store are verified and checked for all kinds of legal issues.

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