Top 5 Free Calling Apps For iOS, Android And PC

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Smartphones flooded the entire world, Most of the people had their hold over their smart phones. The only reason beyond these tremendous growth of smartphone users is the features and flexibility available in it. Now all of us using the smartphone not only for calling and texting. we also use it for checking mails, watching videos, hearing songs, doing social network, surfing internet and more. The application flexibility over the smart phone make it more powerful. Tons and tons of application are available for smartphones to make more things possible apart from calling and texting.

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One of the most popular application used by most of the smartphone user is the Free Voice Calling app. Once the calling and texting services are only provided phone service providers. But from the emerging of mobile internet facility in the smartphones the internet service providers make the calling possible via internet with less and some times free of cost too.

To place a Internet call you need the internet connected to the smartphone this seems to be a more advantage because we have not to worry about who is the network provider, Tariff, Roaming and many more things. Android and iOS are pretended to be a most popular mobile Operating system stuffed in the major smart phones. While Focusing the Android and iOS numerous voice calling application are available. Here I list the top 5 voice calling application available for both Android and iOS.


skype in android

Skype (“Sky” + “Peer”) a most famous, old and stable Voice and video calling app which available for the both Android and iOS. It is also available for the computer operating systems such as MAC OS X, Window and Linux also. so you can interact with the computer users also using Skype. Apart from voice calling you can share files, send Instant Messages, make a video call, organize conference calls between the Skype. Skype also allow you to make a calls to the mobile numbers and the Land line phone at very low cost compare to the default phone service provider.



viber in android

At the very beginning Viber was popular among the smartphone users after that it also emerge it’s support to the PC also which make its more popular communication app. Viber is available for all the popular phone operating system. You can make HD Voice call and Video calls. This app also offers an excellent sync between PC and Phone. Transfer of calls with in the synced devices are also possible. Viber comes with lots of colorful stickers and emotions which gives you a different text experience.



Tango for IOS Android

Tango a free app available for Windows, Android and iOS stuffed mobile devices. Even though it is available for the PC it stands popular among the smart phone users. Tango help you out in making a free voice call, video call, text, sharing photos and files. The special thing in Tango is that you can share your games with your Tango friends this is made possible with the help of the a special API used in Tango.



Hangout Google

Google’s another gift is Hangout which is a simple voice and video calling services. Main advantage of the Hangout is you does not need any special login to use this service you can use your existing Gmail ID as much as you sty in Google + its much easier to make a call with in a simple clicks. It is platform independent.As it is a browser based web application. Its also available as app for iOS and Android.



Line Voice Calling App

The multiple platform free voice calling app available for both PC( Mac and Windows) and Phone. Line offers a free voice calls and video calls with some extra inbuilt features in it. The unique stickers available in the Line make the Text more interesting. You can compete or play together with the Line friends through the game service offered by Line. You can place a voice and video to PC calling as it is also available for Desktop. The one of the interesting feature in Line adding friends in various ways – Shake it  together to add the friend or exchange your ID via QR code.

Even there are tons of voice calling software are available some still stands in the top because of it stability and its popularity. These application change the way of communication. Some times its really fun to add stickers and a voice to our message. Try to contact using  free voice calling apps where ever you got a free network to save a penny.

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