Listing Of Apps To Be Deleted Immediately From Your Child’s Mobile

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Experts say that Tinder, SnapChat and Ask FM are the most dangerous apps for teenager kids these days. These apps are on the top list for exposing kids to a probably unsafe environment and there can be many teenagers getting exposed to the world of criminals. Tinder is the dating app in which there are positive and negative signals given to users to chat with them. Snapchat is a picture sharing app, which gets erased within a few seconds. Young children use their wrong birth dates to register to this app. Ask FM is an anonymous app used for Question & Answer rounds.

Listing Of Apps To Be Deleted Immediately From Your Child’s Mobile

Anonymous associations can prove out to be really dangerous for people for the major reason of creating problem among youngsters to get pray of online predators. Parents need to be really careful about their kids as negligence can be highly dangerous for them in the long run. The children should be prevented from the harmful usage of these apps. It is possible to take care of your children only if you are aware of their activities. There should not be strict feelings for them as they are prone to adopt wrong ways, if your behavior with them is rude or too strict. You can explain about the online predators and the problems occurring these days with kids. They should be well informed about the activities going on in the society to avoid any ill situations occurring with them.

Prevention is always better and parents are wholly responsible for their children. You can’t imagine the stresses caused to kids from sexting, cyber bullying, cyber crime or drugs. Hence, your responsibility lies in knowing about the things going on in the life of your children and specifically tracking their mobile activities.

List of Dangerous Apps for Kids

Tinder: This online hooking app can put kids in trouble, if they get associated with wrong people for their dating.

SnapChat: This app takes a specific time slot (in seconds) for sharing various pictures or videos.

YikYak: Children can get prone to cyber bullying and violence activities through hidden posting.

Vine: Adults can make girls and boys prone to sexual activities without maturing in age. This one is Q & A app for asking and answering anonymous questions from people.

You Now: Uploading video apps gives points to the users and kids love to interact with others for the sake of winning points.

Keek: This is a video sharing and uploading app with no restriction for adult content.

Instagram: Kids get problems related to bullying and illegal content sharing. Children are prone to doing wrong activities with this common software and share illegal pictures of their mates and general porn content.

Whisper: It enables children to share their secrets with millions of users worldwide.

Omegle Chat: It is the way to talk to strangers, which is certainly not good for children.

Parents can be aware of the activities of their children by spying on their Android or IPhone mobile devices. There is nothing wrong in spying on your kids. There are many packages available for business use as well as personal usage. You can buy the package and even install mSpy without letting your kids know about it. This will be the right way to track their activities and getting aware of what all your kids do and share with their friends. It is always better to keep a track of your kids as it is the responsibility of all parents to know about their children and take appropriate steps to get them on the right way.

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