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5 Best Mobile Apps That Make Teachers More Productive

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Android from Google has come up as the most competent platform which provides efficient support to various diverse applications on different niches. These days’ many developers and product based companies around the world are focusing on making learning and student life easier by providing lots many applications for easy

Chit Chat Application for Facebook Chat

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Chit Chat is a free Facebook tool that you can download quickly to your PC to enable you to talk with your Facebook friends on your desktop. It enables you to chat with your FB friends in a much larger chat window than that the standard FB chat provides.

How to Check PNR status on your mobile phone

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Indian Railways is one the biggest network in India with more that millions of people travelling around India per day. One thing that passengers are struggling about Indian railways is to check their pnr status and other information on net, it is tough for people to check it on

How to Import Google Reader feeds in Facebook mobile App

Facebook is the most viral social media, most people spend their times in Social networks like Facebook and twitter. Now Facebook released its new app for mobile devices for Smart Phones which runs of Symbian, Android, iOS and more. The New application of Facebook is fast and more perfect