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iPhone still have Alarm Problems

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Some iPhone users are reporting that one-off alarms are still not working on the device, despite reports that the New Year alarm bug should fix itself on 3 January. However, other users said that their alarms were now working correctly after failing to go off on 1 and 2 January. 9To5Mac

The Top 5 Most Used Browsers – Quick Review

Firefox: Firefox 3.6 has a tabbed interface , pop-up blocker/built-in multiple search tools and built-in RSS reader, it handles nicely and it’s always stable. The spellcheck for text boxes uses the familiar dotted colored lines under words although the others also have this feature. If you need an extension for

Mozilla: Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others are being evil

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Asa Dotzler, Mozilla's director of community development, has called out Microsoft, Apple, and Google for installing browser plug-ins in Firefox. The Mozilla executive is annoyed with the practice and calls it evil, since the user is not asked to give the companies permission to install the plug-ins in question.

Google releases stable version of Chrome 8

Google has released version 8 of its browser. The update brings hundreds of bug fixes as well as many features that have been available on the Chrome beta and dev channels to users interested in using Chrome's latest builds.

If APPLE Crashes? [Funny Pictures]

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While browsing i just found this funny pictures under the Heading Apple Crashes. Really Funny.. So i thought to share with you...