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Figuring Out the Best Backup Guidelines for Your Mac

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However, have you ever thought if you are using the proper tool or following the right approach to back up the data? Is the method for backing up the invaluable files and folders efficient enough to prevent us from devastating situations of machine crash or accidental deletion of data?

How to install windows 8 on Mac

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If you are a Mac user and curious to know whats going on OS market apart from MAC OS. Next Generation of OS dropped to the market by the Microsoft and its named as "WINDOWS 8". Microsoft launched this on Last October 2012. Microsoft claims its to be fast

How to Edit Hosts File in Mac OS X and Windows

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The Hosts file is a text file which has map hostnames to IP addresses. If you type URL in the browser, it will check the hosts file and if it is located, then it will redirect to the IP which you have provided, otherwise it will go to the

How to set up Time Machine on your MAC

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Most important thing for Computer users is a regular system backup. Mac users are really lucky to have Time Machine features which comes inbuilt with Mac. Time Machine which regularly take backup of your whole system to the External Drive and Even it will record how the system looked

How to Format External Hard Drive or USB Removable Drive in Mac OS X

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If you are a Windows users, Recently switched from Windows. Its really not that much hard to adopt Mac. Just spend a Week with Mac and you will able to do the best with Mac. Now i am writing this tutorial for the people who are really new to