How to run Android Apps On PC / Mac

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Android fills the nook and corner of the world via Smartphones. Most of the Smartphones are stuffed with the android OS due to its flexibility, effectiveness and its openly available. User prefers android OS basically for its huge number of app collection and its effectiveness over the Smart phones. Huge number of apps are developed and added to the Google Play (aka Android Market). Most of the apps are free. Some may not have an Android OS over their phones, here comes a deal for those who want to enjoy the apps of the android within their computer.

You can install and run any android app on your computer with the help of  the software called Bluestacks. Bluestacks act as a virtual android platform on your computer and make your computer run the android apps in an efficient manner.


Android app on PC mac


Install Bluestacks On PC / MAC

Simply Go to the bluestacks home page and download the installation file of the appropriate OS (Windows Xp, Vista, Win7, Win8/MAC). Run the installer and install the Bluestacks on your Windows / Mac.

Download Bluestacks :

installing bluestack

Note: Install / Update the graphic driver on your computer before installation or else you will get the error message during the installation process and the installation quit.

Installing the android apps on  PC / MAC using Bluestacks:

Open the Bluestacks.

Note : This is the one time process.


  • Click on the 1-Click Sync button to sync your Google account to access the Google Play store for downloading the apps. Which also allow you to install apps directly to your android devices.
  • If you already have the Google ID and password you continue to sign In or else create the new one for signing in.
  • Enter your Email ID and Password and press Sign In. Accept the agreement  as usual and finish the setup.
  • Your access to the app store is enabled.

04 click sync  05 wats app sync proceed

  • Press the Continue Button to make the sync. The next dialog box opens and with that click on the Proceed button to proceed with the sync.
  • Again enter the Google ID and Password for sync the android device (same or different ID used above).
  • After successfully finishing the above step the 1-click Sync button Changed into Recommendation App Button.

The Bluestacks is now successfully installed on your computer and it’s ready for use.

Bluestacks Features:

  • My Apps show the list of installed apps
  • Top Chart shows the top rated app available for download.
  • Third button on the top is the Recommendation App button. You can install the apps instantly with a single click.

my app      top cart



Bluestack option


Search and Install Apps In Bluestacks:

  • Click on the Search Lens to find the app on the android market.
  • Enter the name of the app and press the Find (1) button. It lists the available apps under the given keyword.
  • Click the install button of the appropriate app to install the App.
  • Choose the app Store from where to start the download.  (Recommended : Google App store)

search app  app on android market

  • Accept the terms and condition. It will redirect you to the corresponding app page of the chosen app store. Click on the Install Button to install the app from the chosen App Store.
  • Press the Home button to view the app installed under the My Apps.
  • Simply run the app by clicking on it.

If you encounter any problem while running the Bluestacks you can restart the Bluestacks as like the android phone by right click Bluestacks icon visible in the System tray and choose Restart.

restart bluestack


You can run all types of android app using the Bluestacks. Bluestacks available for Win Xp/ 7 /8 And also for MAC. So you can run all types of android apps on your computer itself. You can enjoy all the app features of the android even you aren’t having the android smart phones.

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