How to Import Contacts into Bluestacks

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Bluestacks is an application which used to run all sorts of android apps on PC. It allows all us to enjoy the benefits of the android app within the PC / MAC. While Doing like that some application like WhatsApp, Viber need contacts to make a call or send a message. Most of you have more than hundreds of contacts. It’s not that much easier to add all those contacts manually within the Bluestacks. There is some file manager application that makes you two to do so. Its ridiculous to install a app to adding contacts, we have simple and easier way.

contact on Bluestack copy

You can import the contact from the Vcard File into the Bluestacks Itself with the default option in it.

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Follow the Instructions one by one in both Section 1 and Section 2.

Section 1

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Importing the Contacts Into Bluestacks On Windows

It’s very simple to import the contact into the Bluestacks.

  • Copy and paste the V card File in the specific location mentioned below.


001 Copy location for win

  • Open the Bluestacks.
  • Click on the Settings Button to view the settings menu. From that choose the Manage Contacts by clicking on it.

01 settings

  • It takes you to the Contacts Section. Where you can’t see any contacts at the starting as you didn’t add any contacts.
  • Click on the Show Menu Button it shows addition options at the bottom.
  • Click on the Import/Export from the additional option.

02 Import Contacts

  • It shows a menu and ask for the source from where the contacts to be imported /exported.
  • Choose Import from SD Card.

03 From sd card


  • It automatically reads all of your contacts from the V Card File.

06 Reading Contacts

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Importing the Contacts Into Bluestacks on MAC OS X

All are same as I mentioned above except the file copying location. For the Bluestacks installed on MAC, Copy the V Card File in the Below mention Location.

  • Right Click the Finder Icon and choose Go to Folder.
  • Mac FinderIn the GO to Folder Box, enters the path as mentioned below and click Go


(Note: Only this location available if you copied Bluestacks app to your Application Folder)

Bluestack Contact  on MAC

  • Paste the Vcard File into the Open Folder.
  • Now use the import contact from SD card Option in the Bluestacks.
  • Change the display Option as mentioned above in this section.

Section 2

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How to Show all Imported Contacts for both Mac and PC

  • Even though all the contacts are read from the V Card File you can able to see the contacts. If it so you have to make some changes on the contact display option.
  • Click on the Show Menu Button and choose Display Options.

07 Display option


  • It Shows the display options.
  • Click on the triangle near the Email address you provided for sync.
  • Make sure that the  All Other Contacts options is checked, if not so enable that option.
  • Click the Done  button.

04 display option

  • Now you can see the imported contacts on the contact page. You can use these contacts for the other application which are needed to access the contacts.

05 Contacts Listed

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