How to Install WhatsApp In PC And MAC

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The WhatsApp  is a simple texting application via internet available for all Smartphones. Most of us know the purpose of the WhatsApp and how it’s useful.  Now lets see how to enjoy the app benefit of the smart phone with the help of Computer. Some may not have Smartphones and want to enjoy the benefits of the WhatsApp on PC. It’s all done with the help of an application called Bluestacks (It is an application tool which runs your Android app on a computer).

 Here is the Detailed Tutorial: How to Install Bluestacks in PC and Mac 

watsapp on pc

Read Below Sections to Install and Configure the WhatsApp in your PC or Mac.

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Install WhatsApp On PC /Mac

  • Install the Bluestack application on PC / MAC . This is the virtual platform where you are going to run the Android app.
  • Click the search Button On Bluestack. Type “WhatsApp” in the search Box displayed to you.

whatsapp       06 search app


  • It lists the WhatsApp for download from three various sources. Download the app listed under the Google Play Store.
  • After installation completed the Bluestack  show the WhatsApp on the Home screen under the My Apps.

11 my apps whats app


  • Click on the WhatsApp icon displaying on the home screen to open the app.
  • Read “Configuring WhatsApp for the First Time Use”  Section below.
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Configure WhatsApp On PC / MAC for first time USE

Things You Need:

Mobile Phone with Network to receive Calls or USB Modem with Call and SMS facility

Internet Connection in your PC / Mac, where your installed your WhatsApp

  • Before proceeding with the configuration of WhatsApp, be prepare with the mobile number which is currently in use. If you are using USB Modem, Just plugit in your system and Open the USB Modem Connection Manager.(ie. Make sure you can receive a call to that number).

Note: If you use the same number which you use WhatsApp in your mobile, it will go inactive and your PC will become active one for your phone number. We recommend you to use separate number to be registered with WhatsApp in PC. Only once you have to Verify it.

  • Open the WhatsApp from the Home by clicking on it, as I mentioned above section.
  • Choose the appropriate Country where the mobile number is registered with.
  • Enter Your Phone number which is going to be used with WhatsApp and Press OK.

12 enter number

  • Confirm that the number you entered is correct and click on the OK button to proceed the verification process. If  there is any mistake in the provided number just click on the Edit button to edit the mobile number again.

12 verifiy ph number

  •  WhatsApp try to configure the number automatically by sending an SMS the corresponding mobile number but you are currently using the WhatsApp on PC which will never hold the SIM card. So be patient for 5 minutes until that process fails.

13 wait for 5 mins

  •  After that process fails it will show the alternate option to active the WhatsApp through Call.

14 press call me button

  • Click on the Call me Button. You will receive a voice call from WhatsApp, Just answer the Call it will provide a 6-digit code.
  • Enter the code in the corresponding box to Verify your Number and its Done.

15 name for app


  • Choose a Name and Picture for your profile and click Next available on the top right corner.
  • Click Continue on the next Screen which shows the Term of the WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp needs a contacts to send or receive messages. So click on the Show Menu Button on Bluestack to find More options and choose Contacts.

17 add contacts

  • It Shows the Contact Page.  Again click on the Menu Button and Choose New Contact.

17 new contacts


  • Select New Contact to add contacts to your contacts database.
  • The screen shows the Add new Contact Page. Provide the Contact Name and Number and Click Ok to save the Contact.
  • Now the WhatsApp is ready to send and receive a message.
  • Click the contacts listed under the WhatsApp to send Message to that contact.

19 use whats app

(Opposite end also needs WhatsApp to make the conversation successful)

You can Import a bulk contacts into Bluestacks from the V Card File (*. vcf), to know more check out the next section “How to Import”.

 Here is the Detailed Tutorial: How to Import Contacts into Bluestacks

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