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Free WiFi for India: but will they censor content?

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Google has announced that it is to offer free WiFi across India, in an attempt to promote the use of their social network Google+, and affiliated sites such as YouTube. There is currently less than 10% Internet penetration in India, this service will greatly benefit consumers in India. Of

How to Check If Someone Is Stealing Your Wi-Fi and How to protect it

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When you find that your internet has slowed down suddenly, there are chances that someone has hacked into your account. This is one single clue to suspect that someone is hacking into your account, and if you think that your old router with WEP security you can escape from

How to Secure Your Wireless Internet Network

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Wireless internet is one of the most predominant means of achieving high speed internet connection nowadays. Wireless internet connection started with it being used in companies and cafes, and later it became popular in schools and hospitals till we now have it at homes. Almost on every street you

How to Wifi Tether your Nokia Phone

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Nokia is the one of the Smartphone which ruled the world before Android and iPhone arrives. Now Android and iPhones got the market and Nokia feels competition and now Nokia Plans to make Windows 7 Phone. Now we are going to see Wifi Tethering option which are commonly used

The best new tablets for 2011: An easy to swallow guide

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There’s no doubt that the tablet computer has become big news since Apple launched their iPad just over a year or so ago. While it was initially greeted with a mixture of fascination and bemusement, the iPad has gone on to win over legions of new fans and also