How to Check If Someone Is Stealing Your Wi-Fi and How to protect it

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When you find that your internet has slowed down suddenly, there are chances that someone has hacked into your account. This is one single clue to suspect that someone is hacking into your account, and if you think that your old router with WEP security you can escape from the vicious eyes of the hacker then you are wrong. These days’ hackers hack your account by bye-passing WEP security also. They have special hacking routers to do this. Besides, the heavy charges that you will be facing and if you think, you need not bother because you have an unlimited account, then you are wrong. All the mischief and online notorious activities done by them will reflect on to your account and therefore you will be in soup for the folly of someone else, if identified. So you need to learn how track down that you are being hacked or not!

Stealing Wifi

Track the hacker down physically:

The process of tracking them down physically will involve running the Moocher hunter live CF tracking suite, which will enable you to physically track the hacker down by triangulating the network signals.

What is next? Use Basic security and WEP:

All routers that are not older than 5 years has the option of increasing the security using a more secure authentication protocol, for which you need to log into your router again, the settings for which is found in the Wireless Settings screen dialog box. To make the transmission much more secure, change your security settings toWPA2, which is much more secure by choosing the option of WPA2.

When you are using the Wi-Fi for personal work this is advisable not to choose the Enterprise option thinking that this will make you more secure. This is because this option has been tailored for meeting the demands of companies and this will not work for personal purposes.

When you are choosing the password for making your Wi-Fi secure, choose a password that is 15 characters long with lower and upper cases, numbers and punctuations symbols.

Besides there are a few other things that you need to do to make your Wi-Fi access entirely secure.

Hiding your SSID:

This is worth trying to hide your network name, but this is of no use these days with the availability of counter softwares like Backtrack that can reveal your hidden name instantly.

Steal Internet

IP filtering:

This blocks out a specific IP, and permits you to change your IP address whenever you are in doubt of being hacked, which is a very simple process like refreshing your system. Actually I missed out to block an IP and I really paid a lot to protect my weight watchers promo and E-diets coupon codes blog from the attackers, so be careful.

Mac Filtering:

This is one the of the most secure methods that you can depend on as this blocks the hacking of your device by using a unique hardware address, which is given at the time of purchasing, however, these days this is overridden by the hackers using a “Spoof” mechanism to steal your Wi-Fi Mac address.

Use a Paid Wi-Fi portal:

This is a kind of business that happens when you install the open source DD_WRT, that you will be able to run a paid Wi-Fi hotspot portal. You can set your own rates for using these paid Wi-Fi portals, which automatically runs a payment processing system, and you will be paid a check when someone hacks and uses your Wi-Fi portal. However, for this to be effectively implemented you need to live in a big city.

In the end I would like to stress upon that that do not immediately jump into a conclusion that someone is hacking into your Wi-Fi account because this is a bit slow, try to check your computer speed, or your router may need some rebooting and also you should try reboosting your Wi-Fi signal. When all the other things are all right, and then go in for checking whether you are being hacked as this is the last but not the least option that could be the reason for reduced Wi-Fi speed.

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