How to Wifi Tether your Nokia Phone

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Nokia is the one of the Smartphone which ruled the world before Android and iPhone arrives. Now Android and iPhones got the market and Nokia feels competition and now Nokia Plans to make Windows 7 Phone. Now we are going to see Wifi Tethering option which are commonly used in Android and iPhone but Nokia did not have this feature inbuild of Nokia phones.

Nokia Wifi tethering

What is WiFi Tethering?

Wifi Tethering is the one of the best feature which allows user to make their phones as Wifi Hotspot to make other devices to connect internet through Mobile Internet Facility like GPRS , 3G or 4G.


In Nokia Wifi Tethering Feature is not come by default. So you have to Install a Application to enable this feature. Application Named ‘JOIKUSPOT‘. You can get from Nokia Ovi Store. There is light version for Free and Premium version for Paid. From my point of view Light Version of JoikuSpot have best features too. So you can Get it for Free through Ovi Store. If you love this application, You can buy the Premium JoikuSpot from same Ovi Store.

Download Free JoikuSpot Light Edition

Buy and Download JoikuSpot Premium Edition

lets See how to tether your Wifi, First download and Install JoikuSpot Application in your Nokia Phone. After installing you can see the Icon in your application Folder. Click JoikuSpot icon to Open the JoikuSpot Application. Now you can see the Main Screen of the Application Like screenshot below

joikuspot nokia wifi tethering

Before Click START, you should Configure the settings of the Application. So Select Options and Choose Settings.

joikuspot nokia wifi tethering

Now in Settings, You can Name your Wifi Hotspot, set default Access point, Encrypt your Wifi Connection and more. Configure as your wish (screen shot below)

joikuspot nokia wifi tethering

After Setting your configuration Click BACK and Click START TO activate your Wifi tethering. If you set the Access point as ‘Always Ask’ in settings. while starting the Wifi tethering Joikuspot will ask you the Access point to Tether. Click which access point you want to share. (Example See below)

Joikuspot wifi tethering

After selecting your Access point. Your Nokia phone will start to tether its wifi of your Internet Access point. You can see What devices are connected in your Wifi Hotspot by clicking the LAPTOP ICON tab. (screenshot below)

Joikuspot wifi tethering

 You can see the Transmission and running time and more info at LOG ICON tab. (screenshot below)

Joikuspot wifi tethering

Start tethering Your wifi with your laptop or any other devices. Click HIDE to minimize the application in your phone. and Click STOP to stop your wifi tethering.

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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