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Important Tweaks For New Mac Users To Tuneup Your MacBook

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ARE YOU NEW TO MAC OS ? If yes is your answer! then you are in the right place, be happy to read further. Mac is the most secured and user friendly machine ever in the computers history. Its nice to know that you owned a fascinated PC ever.

How To Add And Remove The Startup Programs In Mac OS X

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Recently we have posted the guide to remove the startup programs in Windows operating systems, we wont let you back our Mac readers too. So today we came up with the startup program adding and removal guide to the Mac operating system. Some Times we love to add our

How To Clean / Remove The Startup Programs in Windows

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Windows the most popular operating system seem some times fishy because of its paranormal behavior. Most of the time windows take much time to start and slower than usual. This is because some of the programs seems unwanted are loaded at the time of windows startup. Most of the