How To Add And Remove The Startup Programs In Mac OS X

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Recently we have posted the guide to remove the startup programs in Windows operating systems, we wont let you back our Mac readers too. So today we came up with the startup program adding and removal guide to the Mac operating system. Some Times we love to add our favorite apps to load on our startup and also some people really irritated while unwanted apps jumps in our dock while your startup of mac.  More startup apps will reduce the performance of your mac while it start. Now let me guide you to add your favorite applications and remove unwanted applications in startup of your mac. In Mac you can customize startup programs individually to each user, so your startup applications customization won’t affect remaining users in Mac.

add and remove startup login items

 Follow the Steps to Add your Favorite apps and Remove unwanted apps in Startup

  • Open System Preferences. (You can get System Preferences easily by clicking the Apple icon and select System Preferences from the Menu bar)

System Preferences

  • Select Users & Groups under the System Section.

Users and Groups

  • Before changing any options in Users & Groups, you have to unlock safety lock. Click Lock icon in bottom of the Users & Groups. While unlocking it will ask for password, type your login password to authenticate.
  • Select the User which you want to customize the Startup items.
  • Select Login items tab.
  • Now you can see statup list in this section.

Login items in Mac

Now Let me guide to Add Application to the startup first and next will guide you to remove the startup app.

  • Click + Button to add application to the statup.

App Add Button

  • While clicking (+) Button, it will opens up the finder box to select the application which we want to add.
  • Navigate to the Application folder and select the application which you want to add to the startup. You can select multiple applications by holding Cmd button. (Here i have added skype app to my startup)
  • Click Add and Now you can see the application in the Login items list.

Now your favorite applications will startup with your Mac boots up. Next will guide you to remove unwanted application from the startup.

  • Now Select the Application which you want to remove from the login items list. (Even you can select multiple application by pressing and holding Cmd Button)
  • Then click (-) button to remove the selected application from the statup list.

Removing Startup from Mac

Thats it. Now you can add and remove application to your startup as you like. Keep playing on this feature. If you find difficulties or any queries drop in the comment section, so we can help you out.

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