Important Tweaks For New Mac Users To Tuneup Your MacBook

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If yes is your answer! then you are in the right place, be happy to read further.

mac tweak for new mac users

Mac is the most secured and user friendly machine ever in the computers history. Its nice to know that you owned a fascinated PC ever. You will know all merits and demerits of MAC before purchasing it. Now here we are going to discuss about some of the basic tuneups to make your MAC much convenient and speed it up for your regular use, and at the end you will know how to modify some basic settings and preferences in MAC OSX

Trackpad Configuration

Click On Tap:

This option tends you to make a click function by simply tapping over track pad. This makes you feel somewhat soft & cool while handling the MAC comparing to clicking the track pad. You can enable this option from DOCK System Preference > Trackpad.

Speed-up Tracking:

You can adjust the tracking speed of your tracking pad. You can increase or decrease the tracking speed.

mac tracking pad settings, mac tweeks


You can find this option under the Scroll & Zoom section. This helps you to toggle between scroll direction of the page. If you enable this option, the page will start to scroll in the direction of your finger movement. If you have unchecked this option then the scroll will be in opposite direction (similar to that of mouse scroll) uncheck the option if you are familiar in using mouse and other PC.

trackpad 2

Swipe Between Pages

Uncheck the swipe between pages option which prevents you from the accidental switches between pages. If you mostly use trackpad instead of mouse then disabling this option will make you to feel more comfortable.

MAC trackpad setting

Hot Corners

mission control - hot corners


This option enables hot corners on your MAC. By enabling hot corners you can trigger some event by placing your cursor in the corner of your desktop. You can select the required option from the drop down. Here in this image I triggered sleep event which puts my mac to sleep in a single sweep in a track pad towards left bottom corner.

You can find this option under System preference > Mission control

Resizing DOCK

Dock is a best identity for MAC. You can simply resize the dock and its icon size, position & behaviour.

Doc resize mac

SIZE – controls the dock and icon size

Magnification – It handles the Dock icon zoom percentage

you can also manipulate window transition effect and additional options here.

Shortcut Key Configuration

If you wish to change the default shortcut keys of your MAC you can do it here. If you are working on some frequently important application which have same sort of short cut key as that of MAC, at that time you will be slightly annoyed. So its better to change different key combinations for MAC.

keyboard mac tweak shortcut configuration

Tweaks to speed up your MAC OS X

Now its time to check the basic settings and do some tune up’s to make your Mac pretty faster than usual.

1. Disable Unnecessary Widgets & Extensions in Notifications Center

Click the APPLE icon in the top left corner and choose System Preference. From that select today and disable the unwanted widgets.

disable unwanted extensions to  speed mac osx

2. Manage your start up items

 Go to system Preference in DOCK and choose Extensions. After that select the user and disable the unwanted startup items. 

disable startup in mac  osx

3.  Keep your Desktop clean

Don’t save the files permanently in the desktop of your MAC. It may cause little fallback in your Mac’s performance. So keep your desktop clean. Keeping two to three files in the desktop will not affect the performance much.

5. Check Out Activity Monitor 

Often check the Activity Monitor for the program which consume high memory. If you find any of the program utilises high memory while you are not using or working with it, simply select the unutilised process and click the close button to Force Quit the Program.

activity monitor mac osx speed

Note : You can find Activity Monitor from Spotlight Search by pressing Command + SpaceBar

Some Essentials & Basic Keyboard Shortcuts in MAC

mac keyboard shortcuts

1. Command + Option + Control + Eject – Shut down the Mac instantly

2. Command + Shift + A – Open application folder in Finder

3. Command + Shift + U – Open Utility folder in Finder

4. Command + Shift + D – Open Desktop folder in Finder

5. Command + I – Shows the information about the selected Folder / File

6.Command + W – Close the active window

7.Command + Tab – Switch between active windows.

8. Control + D – Delete the character after cursor (similar to that of delete in windows)

9.Command + Delete – Delete the file

10. Enter /return – rename the selected file

11. Command + D – Duplicate the selected file at same location.

12. Command + H – Hide all the windows of the active application.

13.Command + Option + M – Minimize all the window

14.Command + F3 – Show Desktop

15.Command + Shift + 4 – Take screen shot of selected area.  Command + Shift + 4 + SpaceBar – Take screen shot of entire monitor.

Hope you know few tricks and tweaks for your new macbook.  Subscribe for more updates regarding MAC OS and Apple products. If you have any clarification kindly drop your valuable comments in our comment section.

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