Sony Pictures Hacked – Sony Hacking Series

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Sony Hacked again! Already we know Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) hacked few weeks before and hackers gained access to millions of usernames, passwords and personal informations. Still PSN not restored fully before that another Hacking in Sony Hacking Series. Yes we can call this as SONY HACKING SERIES.  Now Hackers reported they hacked Sony Movie site and accessing the sensitive information of more than million users. The Group, known as LulzSec, claims to have breached and swiped user’s passwords, email, home address, date of birth and all information which the users submitted on Sony’s Pictures site.

LulzSec detailed the attack

It penetrated the company’s infrastructure with rudimentary SQL injection, it is the most primitive and common vulnerbilities and it it done with single injection. Most embarrassing thing is none of the user informations are encrypted all are in simple plain text format including passwords.

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Lulzsec has published the stolen data on The Pirate Bay, the data contains of more than 20,000 Sony music coupons, 67,000 Music codes and full Sony’s Database. Continues attack on Sony, really Sony is on fire now.

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