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Top 10 iPhone Free Apps

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An app which allows you to play a game of throwing paper balls into a dustbin of an office that has work employees in it. You can annoy the staff by hurling paper balls, bananas, grenades etc at them.

5 iPhone Apps for Shoe lovers

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This is an app with a difference. It displays one pair of footwear which is actually the pick of the day and it will display all the information regarding it, including the make, the name of the designer, where you can purchase it from, the price etc.

Five Best Designed iPhone Applications of 2011

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The business users through the Merchant Circle can remain in touch with their customers or clients on a regular basis. The clients or customers can respond back by putting forward their suggestions and feedback, in the application itself, if any, to the business oriented individuals

What does the BlackBerry have over Android and iPhone?

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Have you traded in your BlackBerry yet? According to a recent report, BlackBerry users are trading in their devices at record paces, mostly to take advantage of the new iPhone 4S. The spike in trade-ins also coincides with the nearly week-long BlackBerry outage that had many customers up in

How to Close iPhone Apps Running in the Background iOS4 to iOS8

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When too many applications run in the background, they slow down the iPhone and use extra power. By closing these extra apps, users can extend the life of their battery’s charge and enjoy using a faster device. Background applications pile up on the iPhone because the phone does not