How to Close iPhone Apps Running in the Background iOS4 to iOS8

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Nowadays, no mobile phone deals with as much processing demand as smartphones, especially the iPhone. Many iPhone users are unaware that their phone runs applications in the background, sucking precious life out of their battery and taking up valuable memory. Busy iPhone users jump at the chance to get more from their phone on a single charge. Alas, many do not know how. However, in just a few seconds, users around the world can take advantage of this simple solution for closing out background apps.

When too many applications run in the background, they slow down the iPhone and use extra power. By closing these extra apps, users can extend the life of their battery’s charge and enjoy using a faster device. Background applications pile up on the iPhone because the phone does not completely shut them down after use. Instead, the iPhone keeps applications in an intermediate state so they will quickly start should users wish to return to them.

Update: Closing iOS7 & iOS8 Apps Running in Background \ i0s4 to iOS6 Tutorial is below

Step 1:

In the Home Screen press the Home button twice quickly. (You have to do it Fast, otherwise wont work)

iOS7 Home Screen

 Step 2:

After double tapping the Home button, you will get your apps which are running in background. Swipe Left and Right to Choose the App. Swipe Up to remove the app to close the app.

iOS7 App Close


Note: Following Tutorial is applicable for iOS4 to iOS6

Iphone App

To shut down extra background apps, the first step is to access the multi-task bar on the phone. This is done by pressing the Home button two times quickly. A popup menu appears that shows all the background apps the iPhone has in memory. Items are displayed 4 at a time. If users scroll to the right, they will eventually see all apps that are currently open.

iphone App

For iOS4 to iOS6 :

  • In order to manage background apps, users need to press down on one of the app icon in the Bottom until a red circle with a minus sign appears on each item.

iphone app


  • Users should tap the minus sign next to each application they wish to close.

iPhone app


When users are done, they can simply press the Home button to return to the main screen. This simple process will dramatically speed up the iPhone and extend the time it will run on a single charge. This is not the only function of the multi-task bar. Scrolling to the left brings up a couple hidden features that users may have previously been unaware of.

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