Five Best Designed iPhone Applications of 2011

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For the business owners there is good news, as listed below are the Five Best Designed iPhone Applications of 2011, especially designed for business entrepreneurs.

  • Instant Customer – If you are involved with fundraising programs or collection of funds for donation purpose for a small scale or a large scale company, then the application, Instant Customer is tailor made for you. The most beneficial aspect of the Instant Customer is that it allows clicking and storing of pictures of your business cards. The card information is later transcribed and placed in the application. From the area of the Instant Customer, where the information is stored you can develop campaigns and place the business cards as per the correct listing. Instant Customer follows it up in quick time coupled with the contacts. Therefore you can immediately refer to your specific area of information as per the need of the project. It is available at a price of $2.99.
  • SamCard Pro – If you intend to only keep a track of your business cards, without the feature of proper listing, then opt for SamCard Pro. It also makes it easy for you to take photographs of the business cards and over here the translation of the information into the digital text takes place.  After the card has been put in the application, you are able to edit the list, if there is any kind of error, which needs to be rectified. Thus you could easily go through the listing that comprises the business contacts. It is available at a reasonable price of $5.99.
  • Calculate Retro – It includes the scratch paper required for the purpose of arithmetic. The Calculate Retro keeps a track of the keystrokes of the users. It also lets you to add text to the scratch paper for explanation reasons as to what a few figures refer to. There is also the provision of print-out as well as e-mail as far as work purpose is concerned. You have to pay only $1.99 for the Calculate Retro.
  • Merchant Circle – It can be referred to as the Facebook for business needs. The owners of a business can create a business profile and then update their profile on the application by adding to it the details related to the business deals. This would help the business owners to earn revenues necessary for their own accomplishments.

The business users through the Merchant Circle can remain in touch with their customers or clients on a regular basis. The clients or customers can respond back by putting forward their suggestions and feedback, in the application itself, if any, to the business oriented individuals.

The owners of business can avail this, without the need for pay.

  • Phone Swipe – Credit Card Terminal – This application, which is coupled with a free credit card reader, provides the users with the facility of taking in payments made through credit cards via the iPhone. The facility of access to various sales receipts and reports as well as other vital information is another feature of it.

The fashion designers, who need to be quickly paid for their hard work, is able to develop a process of live transaction then and there immediately, without the need for feedback, which would appear may be a few weeks later, with the Phone Swipe – Credit Card Card Terminal. It is available for free.

So opt for the one, which you think is the best for your purpose to be served.

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Shweta Ghoshal is a content writer; she is working with Maketick Solutions (I) PVt Ltd. Maketick is recommending iphone application development and mobile application development.

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