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10 Crazy iPhone Games You should Try

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Maybe the most successful and pleasant iPhone games are those that make you pleasure even after a few months. The criteria used to classify those games are not necessarily connected with the popularity of those games, but on the dependency that can be produced by those games. If you

What is the Importance Of iPhones and Android In Contemporary Society

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The modes of communication changed with the invention of cell phone many years ago. However, as the ways of communication improved, cell phones also managed to bring in a number of applications that had a profound impact on the lifestyle of an average person. Today, Android and iPhones are

Instagram for Android is Here

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Happy News to Android Users, INSTAGRAM FOR ANDROID is now born. Most awaited INSTAGRAM app is now available for Android in GOOGLE PLAY aka Android Market. The INSTAGRAM is a fast and fun way to share your Photos with your family and friends. Before its only available for

How to Send and Receive files via Bluetooth on iPhone,iPod and iPad

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Apple iPhone is my Favorite phone I ever used. Most of the times when i am with my friends, they used to show me interesting stuffs in their phones like Pictures, Videos or Music. When they interested to send that file to my iPhone, i really disappointed to

How to Customize Lock Screen on iPhone and iPod touch

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Smart Phones are really meant for customization, Android is the most powerful in customizing the Interface but In iPhone Dictionary there is no word known as CUSTOMIZATION until you Jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch. All iPhone and iPod touch users are really bored up with the default Lock