How to Customize Lock Screen on iPhone and iPod touch

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Smart Phones are really meant for customization, Android is the most powerful in customizing the Interface but In iPhone Dictionary there is no word known as CUSTOMIZATION until you Jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch. All iPhone and iPod touch users are really bored up with the default Lock Screen of their phones and Themes. Today I am going to show how to customize the iPhone and iPod touch Lock Screen and make your friends amazed.

First of all, Your iPhone or iPod touch should be Jail-broken before continuing this Customization. If your iPhone/iPod touch is Jail-broken already go down straightly to the steps to install. If your iPhone or iPod touch is not Jail-broken or you don’t know what it is means, Continue reading below.

What is Jailbreak and Why Jailbreak is needed?

In default Apple won’t allow users to access or edit some certain System files in the iPhone or iPod touch. We need to access and edit the system files to customize the Lock Screen. So Jailbreak allows us to access the files. In simple words, Jailbreak gives Administrator Mode to access system files.

Click here to Know HOW TO JAILBREAK YOUR iPHONE 3GS/4 OR iPOD Touch


Lets show you few customized Lock screens

Theme  for iphone

theme for iphone

Well, still more iPhone and iPod Touch Lock Screens are there around web, Lets start how to get this in your iDevices.

Before Customizing Lock Screen you should know about Three things

1) UI of the Lock Screen

2) Slide to Unlock

3) Clock and Date

 iphone lock screen structure

User Interface of the Lock Screen:

First we should install Winter board to customize the User Interface in your iDevice. Winter Board allows you to install themes, Custom Lock Screens, Charging Icon Screens, Changing Icons and many more.

Lauch Cydia and Search for Winterboard and Install and Reboot the device. Now you can Install any theme or Customization in your iDevice. Winterboard icon will be shown in the springboard and even it will be inside of the Settings of the iDevice.

Winderboard Settings

Slide to Unlock:

Winter board should be installed before going to this step.

Slide to Unlock in the Lock Screen can be hidden from the Lock Screen (it will be invisible, you have to Swipe in the area to unlock in the same default method). Lets see how to remove Slide to Unlock from lock screen.

Lauch Cydia and Search for “NO LOCKSCREEN UI” tweak from ModMyi repo and Install it. Then Open Winter board from the settings or from springboard icon. Go to Select Themes and Select NO LOCKSCREEN UI and Respring to apply the Customization (screen shot above). After Respring you will not find Slide to Unlock in your Lock Screen. Swipe in the Same bottom area to unlock. 


Clock and Date:

Mostly If you set any wallpaper in your iDevices. Clock in the Lock Screen hides the beauty of the wallpaper. so if you want to remove the Clock and Date from the Lock Screen. Let me show you how to remove the Clock and Date from the Lock Screen.

If you have downloaded and installed “NO LOCKSCREEN UI” it contains “LOCKSCREEN CLOCK HIDE” tweak. Just go to settings in your iDevice and you can see CLOCK HIDE. If you need only Clock Hider, let me guide you

Just Launch Cydia and Search for LOCKSCREEN CLOCK HIDE tweak from ModMyi Repo. Download and Install. Then Respiring the Spring board and Go to Settings and you can find CLOCK HIDE settings.

Clock hide settings

Enable the Clock Hide to hide the Clock from the Lock Screen, Even you can show up the Date and Time on the Status Bar through this settings.

How to Install Lock Screen Themes:

There are lots of Lock Screen themes around the web for iDevices. iPhone Ruler site have lots of themes for Lock Screen, download it from here:

After Downloading the Theme, Now we have to install it in our iDevice.

Connect your iDevice using Sync Cable and Use any iDevice Explorer like iFunbox, iExplorer or iSpiritin your Computer and Copy the Theme Folder to “/Library/Themes” (that is a link to “/private/var/stash/Themes…”)

Then Go to Winter Board and select the theme which you copied in the above step and Respring the Spring Board. Now your Phone may show some scribbling corrupted picture, don’t panic in few seconds it will be perfect. Now Lock the Phone and see the New Customized Lock Screen.

I have clearly explained in the below video about all this things. Check out.

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