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Important Tweaks For New Mac Users To Tuneup Your MacBook

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ARE YOU NEW TO MAC OS ? If yes is your answer! then you are in the right place, be happy to read further. Mac is the most secured and user friendly machine ever in the computers history. Its nice to know that you owned a fascinated PC ever.

Do We Really Need Antivirus Program For Our Android Devices?

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Era of android evolve by time to time and got a tremendous flow over the smart phone. Stating from Astro to Jellybean Android OS got a numerous changes with in it. Basically the Astro was mainly made for the purpose of Business. Most of the commercial things which

A Guide To Facebook Timeline

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Facebook’s new Timeline feature collects all of your activity on Facebook since the date you joined and set up a profile and puts it in chronological order. A great deal of folks cringed at the thought of information from several years ago becoming readily available to everyone,

5 Cool Tips to consider while Buying a Laptop

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Buying а lаptор іs a major іnveѕtment dесiѕiоn. As suсh іt is nоt оne thаt уоu ѕhould mаke lіghtlу. Belоw аrе 5 tipѕ that will help рrераrе you fоr mаkіng the bеst аnd mоѕt well іnfоrmed dеciѕiоn whеn buyіng a lаptop.

Facebook updated News Feed Setting – Guide to Change

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Most of the people don't know about this update. They think that some of the news feeds are not showing by some friends and pages. They wonder why? Even me wondered.