Do We Really Need Antivirus Program For Our Android Devices?

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Era of android evolve by time to time and got a tremendous flow over the smart phone. Stating from Astro to Jellybean Android OS got a numerous changes with in  it. Basically the Astro was mainly made for the purpose of Business. Most of the commercial things which grab its hold in the latest technology market are made to satisfy the military needs. I am sure some thing will strike your mind, like wise Android also developed in 2008 for satisfy the work and which is packed with stock apps for business needs. With in the short span, the increase in the demand, Flexibility, Availability and the usage makes the android to take and make a glorious growth.


This is the first thought as a user, we always search for the flexibility and the various new features on a gadget what ever we look. Considering the Smart Phones and the tablet, the Android OS satisfy the all our needs and deeds at its part. The second thing might be about the security and the stability which holds the remaining portion of our thoughts. In the starting of the android era it have security breaches with in it, but as the time leads along with the features the security breaches are also fixed by the team.

The latest Android OS Jellybean (4.2) from Google consider to be faster and smoother which fill most of the smart phone and tablet. Security features in the Jellybean make it as a prior over other competitors. Android Jellybean consider to be more secure as it use the ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization), DEP (Data Execution Prevention), ASRL means the randomization of the memory function location of the device.

Really Android is not a Virus Proof, It still stay away from that point.

Even though Android OS increase the security features there are some known malwares available for the android. Most of the viruses for the android OS get active from the Third Party Sources. Millions of application are available for the android devices. The control over the apps is not at the good range. Android Jellybean use the latest Google app scanner to identify the malware apps which cause damage to the operating system but its also not up to the mark. Its too hard to identify the rogue app which disguised as a famous game or a app that downloads malware from internet.

Finland’s F-Secure states that the Google Free OS Android has become a main platform targeted by hackers.

This is because the easy on development and distribution of the malicious app for the android. Right a year back more than 100K devices was reported by the attack of Torjan Malwares. Apart from that, root kits also make some reasonable damage to Android kernal. Root kits are not a malware, that have a capable of running any type of codes in the base of the system kernels. Some malware use the root kits to access the permission from the system without the users knowledge.

Android OS got lots of inbuilt security features with in the latest release but its not mean that we have to rely on the inbuilt security features. Its advisable to have the third party anti-virus software to increase the security strength. Google already have some restrictions to the app from accessing stock options which pushes the apps to ask user to access some stock features. Its really a better way to stop the rogue apps to access our operating system. We cannot blame anyone for this virus, its our duty protect our devices from malwares. So be safe,

Few tips to avoid infection of your Android device:

  • Use only Google Play to download apps.
  • Never install third party apps from unknown sources
  • Don’t Root your device
  • Use Antivirus

Few Popular Antivirus software to consider for your Android Device:

  • Avast
  • Kaspersky
  • McAfee
  • BitDefender
  • AVG
  • Eset Mobile Security
  • Norton

If you have any doubts regarding this android security issues, kindly drop us in our comment section.

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