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Facebook’s new Timeline feature collects all of your activity on Facebook since the date you joined and set up a profile and puts it in chronological order.  A great deal of folks cringed at the thought of information from several years ago becoming readily available to everyone, however, there are multiple privacy settings to help keep some things that need stay in the annals of ancient data from surfacing to the present.


To get started you must first select a cover photo and note that you have 7 days to work on this before Facebook will take matters into their own hands and publish your Timeline for you.  On the lower-right side of the cover photo are the important tabs you need: the Update Info tab has a drop-down menu for friends list, photos and likes; the Activity Log is where you view all of your activities in chronological order from the old Facebook wall; and a settings log for layout.   The Activity Log is where you’ll go to make specific things from the past private.  The interface of Timeline is pretty intuitive, if you want to change anything you just have to click on the thing you want to change and select from the options available in the drop-down menu that appears.


Another feature of Timeline is a map app that adds a geographic pinpoint to your Timeline, which enables you to add location tags to every status update, photo and tag you’ve ever posted.  You can also add information from before your relationship with Facebook all the way back to the day you were born.  There are major event suggestions given by Timeline for you to choose from or you can enter free text much like with other profile information.

 Facebook map

If you’re worried about people seeing embarrassing posts from the past and you don’t want to advance their privacy settings you can go to the old post, click the arrow in the upper right-hand corner and click on one of the many privacy options. There is an option to delete the post from Facebook if you feel that is necessary.  You can also do the opposite and feature older posts if you like.

Change old post privacy in facebook timeline

Once you have edited your Timeline you can enter a friend’s name in the text box on the upper-left hand corner and see how your page looks to them or click on the ‘public’ hypertext option to see how your timeline will appear to by the public.

Privacy of facebook timeline


Timeline is very easy to use, but if you put off transitioning long enough there’s a good chance Facebook will do it for you eventually.  There aren’t really any fancy features or crazy things you can do with the new set up, it’s just another attempt to get traffic to Facebook with another way to display information.

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