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How To Remove Gmail Chat/Hangout Contact Without Blocking The Contact

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We love to talk to our friends through Instant Messages, Gmail chat/Hangout is one of the best chat world wide. We some times accept request we don’t know who they are. In Gmail you will find the block option alone. Why would i block a unknown person without any

How To Enable 2 Step Verification in Gmail

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E-mail, the most important thing in transferring the personal or a corporate information among the people. Lots of information is used to store in the email. Some may of personal data, some may of Business data. It would be anything, everyone need the privacy and security of our data

How to Export and Import Contacts Between the Google Accounts

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"Google" the most outstanding search engine also provides lots of services and apps for their users. You can get all those services with a single Google account. The most widely used services are Gmail & Gtalk, mail & chat services respectively.

Google updates New Gmail Login Page

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The new sign-in page looks clear and neat same as new mail interface, and the White and Grey combinations gives new perfect look. Sign-up button is now located in the top right corner with good color. I love the new look and feel. This New Sign in page is

How to import your Facebook friends in Google+

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Google+ is a New social networking site by Google. Actually Google+ is the site which combines all the Google products at one place. More over Google+ looks exactly like Facebook. Now few people started to like Google+ and they are moving from facebook, but there is no option to