How To Enable 2 Step Verification in Gmail

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gmail protection

E-mail, the most important thing in transferring the personal or a corporate information among the people. Lots of information is used to store in the email. Some may of personal data, some may of Business data. It would be anything, everyone need the privacy and security of our data at any cost. Even though we are provided with the passwords to secure the mail, sometimes it will not be sufficient to protect. In some cases, it  happens that our password reveals to some other third person. Google takes the security of the mailbox to the next level by providing the additional security features  for the mail. Yes, Gmail provides two layers of protection for their mail users. ie., 2 Step Verification.

Enable 2 Step Verification @ Gmail:

The Two step verification is nothing but the additional security which increases the privacy and security options over your mailbox. On activating the two step verification for your account, while login, you are asked to enter the verification code generate by the Google which was sent to your phone number. That code is a series of random numbers. The code may delivered to you in the form of text message or through a voice calls as per your request at the time of registration.

Its very simple and easy to activate the 2 step verification for the gmail account. Here it follows

  • Login into your gmail account for which you want to enable the two step verification.
  • Go to the Account settings, available under the drop down box at the top right corner.

gmail account settings

  •  Click on the Security from the links available at the left side of the Accounts settings page of Google.
  • There you find a 2 Step Verification Status as OFF.

2 step vrification settings


  • Click the settings button under the 2 step verification tag.

             ( You will be asked for the secure access, provide the password once again).

  • A 2 step verification setup page opens. In that Click on the Start Setup button.

The setup starts with the first stage of the Four.

Stage 1 :

Where you will be asked for the phone number to which the code to send and the format of the code ie., Via Text message or Via Voice Calls.

After providing all the details, click on the Send Code button. A Verification code will be sent to your phone number as per your registered option.

Stage 2:

Provide the Verification Code sent to your phone number and click verify.

(If the verification code is correct you will proceed to the third stage.)

Stage 3:

Asks you whether the computer using is a trusted one?

(If the computer you using is a trusted one you can enable the check box. Once you enable the check box you will not ask for the verification code while you are accessing the gmail on that specific computer.)

Stage 4:

Confirm the activation of 2 step verification with the appropriate settings for your gmail account by clicking the Confirm button available on the fourth stage.

Yes you have finished the process of enabling 2 step verification for your gmail account.


Now whenever you login into the gmail you will be asked for the verification code send by the google to authenticate the User.

verification code gmail

Enter the verification code and press verify button to continue with the mailbox.

So if anybody got hacked your user name and password they can’t able to access your mailbox without the verification code send to your mobile unless they got a hold with your mobile.

Note : You can Turn off or Turn On the 2 step verification at any moment from 2 step Verification settings page.

Turn of 2 step verification

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