How To Remove Gmail Chat/Hangout Contact Without Blocking The Contact

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We love to talk to our friends through Instant Messages, Gmail chat/Hangout is one of the best chat world wide. We some times accept request we don’t know who they are. In Gmail you will find the block option alone. Why would i block a unknown person without any reason but what we want to remove without blocking them?. Where is the remove option in gmail chat? Even i wonder most of the times. Yet, there is no option to remove the contact from gmail chat. Here is the little trick, which i found accidentally, works like a charm. Thought to share to you.


Step 1:
Login to your Gmail account [ ]

Step 2:
In the Chat Menu, hover the mouse on the person who you want to kick out of your chat list.

Step 3:
Now you can see Contact Info or Add to Contact links. Click that link, it will take you to the contact page of that person. If already contact is there or not, add them to contact first.


Step 4:
Now click More button and select Remove Contact from the options. Now the person is kicked out of the chat list in no time.


Follow this tutorial to remove the person without blocking from the gmail chat list. Drop your suggestions on the comment section.

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