5 Best Mobile Apps That Make Teachers More Productive

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Android from Google has come up as the most competent platform which provides efficient support to various diverse applications on different niches. These days’ many developers and product based companies around the world are focusing on making learning and student life easier by providing lots many applications for easy learning and studies, although there are hardly few applications for educators. The task of educators does not finish at teaching, along with this they also have to perform many other crucial tasks related to student record, their performance and preparing weekly, monthly and annual reports. For providing the competent base where teachers can perform their crucial activities with high competency level, here are the 5 best of android and web Apps for teacher which can make their life easier and can also help in enhancing the performance.

If you are a teacher and looking for the smart application that can support you in your daily teaching activities, then these following apps will be very precious to you.

1. ClassDroid


ClassDroid is supposed to be the best Android based application, which lets a teacher to control lots of important information on their palm in a very neat way. Teachers can take the snapshot of the student’s work and can upload it to the student’s online portfolio. This portfolio will manage the student’s work in the form of visual presentation and which can be showcased in more than one way. It is seen that student’s parents and guardian are always concern their performance; believe me this apps can cover all the performance aspects of a student and here students can visualize themselves ‘in how much water they are’.

2. Remember the Milk(RtM)

RtM is a competent teachers tool kit which allows them to keep track of different task they need to perform in a day and they can also synchronize the task list between devices. This application is also a good example of cloud computing where you information is stored on the cloud and you can keep the sync operations intact by paying the sum of USD 25 a year. This application supports teachers to stay on the track all the time and achieve their milestones.

 3. iGradr


Grading of papers on time is a crucial task for any teacher, especially when you also have many other tasks to be performed in the limited time. iGradr is a competent Android based tool which enables teachers to grade the paper on the go. Looking at the increasing size of the classrooms, this tool can make the teachers life a lot easier.

4. Shmoop


Shmoop is the combination of best elements from the applications like Facebook, Twitter, Wikepedia and SparkNotes which offers you the study material on US history and on many other topics in various arts. You can also find complete biographies of renowned people. The language used in the content is quite easy to understand and it is easier and enjoyable for the student to study through this application.

5. PrimaryPad

PrimaryPad is last in the list, it is a web based collaborative platform for teachers where they can create lessons and can collaborate in the real time with other teachers as well as other people. The application allows creating new and editing the existing information which is shared for the mutual benefit.

Information sharing, easy grading on the palm and collaborative environment are the challenges which appeal to most of the teachers and if you are looking for the solution to all these issues, then you can not go wrong with something from the above mentioned list. Most of these Android applications are free or even demo versions are also available.

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