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Chit Chat is a free Facebook tool that you can download quickly to your PC to enable you to talk with your Facebook friends on your desktop. It enables you to chat with your FB friends in a much larger chat window than that the standard FB chat provides. Each day, over 10,000 people download Chit Chat since it’s creation by Daniel Offer and Henrik Larsson in August 2009. But do you really need a special chat program to use in FB? There are some pros and cons for Chit Chat. In this article we will examine these and then you can decide for yourself if you want to take advantage of the benefits that Chit Chat has to offer.

Chit chat

Overview of the FB Messenger Chit Chat

 The Facebook software is very similar to conventional IM programs such as AIM and Yahoo Messenger. You can set your preferences to have Chit Chat open when you start up your computer. The main window lists your FB contacts and you can sort them alphabetically or by online status. In the Tools menu under Preferences you can set your language. These include the following:

  • Albanian
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Vietnamese


You can also set your contacts to show your user groups from FB. This enables you to keep your contacts organized and as you change your groups in FB they are updated in Chit Chat. The fonts of outgoing and incoming messages can be set for your favorite color and font size. Notifications can be turned on or off and you have your choice of having notifications for your friends only or everyone. Notifications appear in the bottom right hand of your screen as people sign in and out of FB. There is a musical chime that you can turn on or off as you see fit. There is a useful shortcut menu in Tools for you to use if you prefer to use your keyboard for commands over your mouse.


Pros for FB Instant Messaging with Chit Chat

 On the upside it is free and only takes a few minutes to download if you have a broadband connection. You have a much larger chat window that he normal FB chat which is small and located in the bottom right of your screen. The Chit Chat message window is free to move anywhere on your screen you want it. As people sign in and out of FB you receive notification. Your contacts are listed in the main program window and easily accessible. The Chit Chat window gives you the option to chat, email or write on your wall. This is handy since you won’t have to change screens to update your status. You can even write on your FB contact’s walls when you are using the program and this keeps you from having to switch back and forth to their status pages and the chat screen. Chit Chat stores chat logs for reference. A very handy feature for anyone who uses FB for business; if you chat with a client you can pull up your conversation for reference and clarification. You have to be logged into FB, but don’t have to have it open on your desktop to use the program. This is great if you have a tendency to get lost on FB just to talk to people.


Cons for FB Instant Messaging with Chit Chat

 Since it is such a new program there are naturally some bugs to be worked out. Other users found the request to promote it on your account to be annoying; however, this is optional and if opted into can be disabled from preferences. You can only chat with your FB contacts and not any of your other IM contacts. The constant notifications for people signing in and out of FB may be annoying to some people, but you can turn these on and off.


Do You Really Need Another IM Program for FB?

 The main advantage of Chit Chat is the ability to talk to your FB contacts, change your status and post on your contact’s walls without having to actually open up FB. This saves you time and effort. Chit Chat does make it easier to stay in touch with your FB contacts and can be convenient if you need to talk to one of them quickly. On the downside you can only use it to talk to your FB contacts and not to any of your other IM contacts – that said, most of us have all our friends on FB anyhow the converse isn’t normally true. If your computer is an older model, Chit Chat you’ll find this instant messenger particularly excellent at managing system resources. A dial up connection may slow down the program. It is a useful program and if you spend a lot of time on FB talking to your contacts, you may find it a good program to try out.


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