6 Reasons why you should Move to Google + From Facebook

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Well, the debate is getting stronger and the discussions are becoming heated raising pressure on Facebook to drive more strategies to their “unsurpassable” lead in social marketing against Google +. This is because with the backing of the second giant on the World Wide Web, Google has decided to venture into social marketing. However, they are not altogether new to this field of social marketing, they have backed Orkut, which could not defeat FB, and they backed Buzz, which was also not god enough to defeat. But, this time they have come up with something much similar to FB and something that has much more privileges than FB, which FB cannot dream of. This is why we should look at the most inviting six reasons that will give you the urge to move from FB to Google+ for your online social life.


1.    Integration of Google + with other Google Services:

This is one of the most important feature of Google+, wherein when your inside Google +, you could still have many of the other Google services like GTalk chat, Gmail, personal profile and Picasa, all being connected under one roof. In addition, you have the access to private messages as in FB, but is more similar to Gmail emails. However, the good thing here is that you can access your Gmail and other Google services by opening them in a new window.

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2.    Easy to manage contacts:

For this you have the Google Circles, which is somewhat an amalgamation of the services offered by FB and Twitter/Buzz. You will be able to do both, keep following and have followers, while you can also group your contacts into different circles of relationships, from kins to friends to colleagues to unknown. This is why they have named it aptly circles, circles of relationships around you.

3.    Ease of access to new things and share them:

This is yet another service that many finds this is much easier and faster to share in Google + using Sparks than in FB News Feed. This is because it is integrated with Google’s search feature that you can instantaneously search for something in Google + and share with the group of people whom you want. In FB you have to depend on external search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. However, the search option in FB also simultaneously searches using an integrated with the search dialog box, but not with the News Feed dialog box.

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4.    Store and Access data:

There has been recently a number of privacy issues being faced by FB users, while this is not the case with Google, which has their other services for data storage and sharing tools like Google docs and Picasa being  integrated into Google +, gives a cutting edge to Google + over FB.

5.    Easy to share photos:

With the much-advanced Picasa service integrated into Google + makes Google + a much more powerful tool to share photos. All you need to do is to use the easy to upload photos using desktop or online Picasa tools, and share the link of the photos with the circle of people whom you want to share with.

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6.    Privacy Issues:

This has always been a controversy for FB, and that too quite recently FB faced a number of controversial issues with regard to privacy. Albeit, with the stringent Google guidelines and backing from the Google Team, it is possible that Google + could be on top of FB very easily in this aspect of social marketing.

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