How to Invite people in Google+

Google+  is a newly google launched social networking site. It has top-drawer features. In short, Facebook + Diaspora + Twitter + Skype= Google+. Now i am going to tell you about how to invite people to google+.

Google Plus circles

Since Google+ is on disabled public request…but people in google+ can invite thier friends. Its pretty easy to invite your friends to google+.Make a click at the link  Invite People to Join Google+ which is on the the right panel of your homepage, start typing your  friends mail id and invite them by pressing the Invite button.

Send invitaions Google Plus

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Just in case you have trouble in finding the link. Dont worry, you have another option, a simple trick to be carried out. The following steps are practicable.

Step 1: Create a seperate circle with any name. For example..i named it as “Invites

Create Circle in google plus

Creating Circle in Google plusStep 2: Then go for ‘People to add‘ section and select ‘Add a new person‘. there enter the mail id of the person u want to invite and then click ‘Save’.

Google Plus Email invites

Step 3: Repeat the same process to add all your friends email and even you can add friends from your Gmail Contacts.

Invite Circle

Step 4: Go to home..create a post in a stream box.The post may contain any information ,but my suggestion is it will be better ,if your post stating your invitees about google+.

For Example

Stream post

Step 5: After you made out with the post, you will find add circles or people to share with. Select the circle u created (here i choose invites).

select invites

Step 6: Its all done, Just click ‘Share’ button.

how to invite peoples in google plus

NOTE: These things are necessary only if you go for bulk invites. if you want to invite single person or very few people. Create a post and simply add the mail id of the person you need to invite.Share it.

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Then the invitees will receive mail regarding your post, at the end they will find a button carrying ‘Learn more about google+’. By Clicking the button will direct them to the google+ registeration page. Most importantly,google+ invites are fixed per hour.So if they fail at a time,tell them to try later using the same link.

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Have a look at our Video Tutorial

How to Invite poeple in Google+

See you all in google+ soon.

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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