How to Prevent Scam in Facebook and Recovery from Scam

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Facebook! The Best and First Leading social network. It has 500 Million users. So it is common to have Spam all over the Facebook. but Now a days in facebook lots of SCAMS spreading rapidly as wild fire. So i thought to write this article regarding Prevention of SCAM and Recovery from SCAM those who affected by SCAM.

Rogue Facebook apps can now access your home address and mobile phone number and post spam messages onto users’ profiles claiming to be a way of discovering the total number of times your Facebook profile has been viewed. The Spam looks like below picture

Then if any users click this link it request to the Scammers rogue application access.

As above picture. That Rogue application is asking to Access Basic information, ACCESS MY DATA ANY TIME, POST ON WALLS.

If the user accepted the application. it will lead to the Some Survey as above picture and Scammers they want user to complete a surveye. The scammers make money every time one of these surveys is completed. They’re simply using Fake Spam to make users to click their links and take their surveys.

How to clean up your Facebook profile after a survey scam:
If You are affected by scam then you should to the following things as soon as possible. Remove unwanted applications from your facebook profile and remove the wall post.

See this Video for Brief Explanation about how to remove applications:

And you are recommended to change your password as soon as possible..
and We suggest BIT DEFENDER GO application in facebook to scan the links on your wall.

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