Customize Your Facebook Profile in Easy Steps

Well, Now a days we are seeing lots of Facebook profile are customize to their wish. We think its a Geeky matter, but it not so. Even Newbies can easly customize their facebook profile easily.

Lets see how to Customize?

First of all we need New Facebook Profile. If you are not upgraded your facebook profile to new one, Just Visiting this Upgrade Facebook page

If you are already upgraded to Facebook New Profile. There are two ways to Customize your facebook profile. One is through Facebook application, Another one is Trough your own design.

You can Easily customize by Facebook application named PROFILE BANNER [CLICK HERE]

and Customize as you like.

and If you want to Design by your own, Just Download PSD FILE and Watch this Video for Tutorial.

Few Examples:

You also customize and Share your Profile page screenshots in Comments..

thanks.. Share n Enjoy.

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