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SmartPhone privacy: are you safe?

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The mobile market was revolutionised when Apple announced apps for their game-changing iPhone back in 2007 - apps can entertain us with games and music, they can help us get home when we're lost, and they can put us in contact with our friends and loved ones.

Facebook introduces Location, Tag and Privacy settings in Wall

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Facebook updated new Changes in the interface and provided few more good features to the users but this update is rolling out one by one. The New update in taken place at sharing section. Here is the Good features about sharing with privacy control. New update comes with including

How to clear saved passwords in Google Chrome

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Privacy is the most important thing in the Internet world. All you know, When you login any service online you can see 'Do you want to Save the Password?'. Its a pretty good and handy feature to store our passwords in our browser. If you save the password browser

Is this called Privacy? [Funny]

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Now its fun time. here is the Funny pics of the Week. Topic is "Is this called Privacy?" I got some images while browsing on the web and thought to share you guys.