Facebook introduces Location, Tag and Privacy settings in Wall

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Facebook updated new Changes in the interface and provided few more good features to the users but this update is rolling out one by one. The New update in taken place at sharing section. Here is the Good features about sharing with privacy control. New update comes with including Friends name same like tagging and we can include our current location. More over we can select the Privacy of the sharing status or post while posting its a old feature but the new update comes with we can change the privacy settings of the single post even after it published. Sounds cool right. Lets see briefly.

Facebook wall update
Who you are with?

This new Feature says who you are with?. You can use this feature to add tags of your friends or anyone else on Facebook. Adding a tag instantly creates a link to the person’s profile and it may be shared to their friends if the person’s privacy settings allows.

Facebook Tagging

Where you are?

Where we areNow this Pretty cool feature allows you to share what city or neighborhood you’re in with every post you share. Example you can share, like you are in cafe, park and more. Even you can update a photo with the Location where it was taken and with tag feature you can tag your friend who is on the photo. So Your friends can easily identify the location of the photograph or your current location.

Add Location

Manage Privacy rights in every post

Privacy Setting on Wall updateAlready we know that we have the privacy settings for each post like Friends, Friend of Friends and Public. But this feature gets its new update, that now you can change the privacy settings of the each post even after your posted in your wall but you can not edit your post after you posted.
Facebook Wall privacy
If you are using Google+ You may know these things because Already Google+ has these features. Facebook is seems to be coping little things from Google +. Even you can watch this embed video to know more how the new share works.

If you still didn’t get this update, please wait for few days or week. it will be rolled out to all users.

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