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What is the Importance Of iPhones and Android In Contemporary Society

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The modes of communication changed with the invention of cell phone many years ago. However, as the ways of communication improved, cell phones also managed to bring in a number of applications that had a profound impact on the lifestyle of an average person. Today, Android and iPhones are

Best Place to Sell your Old Mobile Phones

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Are you bored of your old mobile phones ? Want to find a best place to sell your old mobile phones ? is a one such website which helps you to find a best deal to sell your mobile phone. You can sell any branded phones from Nokia

Mobile Spy: Latest and Greatest

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The present day world seeks expertise in every area, cell phone monitoring not excluded. For those of you willing to have a worthy mobile spy, manifold options are accessible. But before attempting on any of these, you should be familiar to the regulatory guidelines, as there are legal consequences

The debate: QWERTY vs. touchscreen

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PDAs with touchscreens have been around for years, but not until the launch of the iPhone in 2007 did the technology really become usable, and the craze really take off. However, the iconic QWERTY keyboard still retains its popularity, and the divide has become a source of contention between

How to Check PNR status on your mobile phone

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Indian Railways is one the biggest network in India with more that millions of people travelling around India per day. One thing that passengers are struggling about Indian railways is to check their pnr status and other information on net, it is tough for people to check it on