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Are you bored of your old mobile phones ? Want to find a best place to sell your old mobile phones ? is a one such website which helps you to find a best deal to Sell used cell phones. You can sell any branded phones from Nokia to Apple iPhones. Sellcell is the USA’s no.1 Cellphone recycling price comparison site which helps you get more money for your old mobile phones.


Recycling your phone is a best choice instead of throwing it or keeping it in your desk to collect dust. Every year millions of new cell phones have manufactured by different companies. If all the phones were thrown out then it will be a big problem for the environment. So recycling is the best option to make our environment green also get some money for your old mobile.

How it Works ?

Sellcell acts as a mediator between you and the mobile phone recycling companies. When a customer finds a good deal and sells his mobile phone it will be sent to that particular company. After receiving it they will verify your mobile phone and send you the payment as promised.

Steps You Need To Do

Sellcell have a list of recycling companies to sell your old mobile phone for best price. For that you need to do only four simple steps to find a best deal and sell your mobile phone

Search for your Cellphone model

As soon as you enter into the website you will find a search box at the top of the window. Enter your cellphone brand and the model number or name and click search. Then you will find the list of recycling companies and their deals for that particular model.

Find the best deal

After getting a list of deals from the recycling companies, find a best one. Sellcell will help you to compare the price between all the companies for the cell phone you search. It will give you an idea to find a best deal to sell your mobile phone.

Ship your phone for free

Choose the recycler to sell your mobile phone and send your phone without any shipping charges. After you select the company click the sell now button which will redirect you to the recycler’s website. Follow the instructions to send your mobile phone to them. All the recyclers in sellcell will not charge for shipping.

Get your cash Voucher

Once the company received your mobile phone they will verify it. After verifying your mobile phone they will send your payment. Till that you can sit back and wait for your cash vouchers.

Importance of Recycling your Mobile Phone

Cellphone recycling helps towards a greener environment. The Cellphones you sell it to the recycling companies will be refurbished and sold again in the market. If it is a damaged mobile the parts will be used for future mobile phones. This will save the raw materials for manufacturing new parts. Also it will reduce the carbon footprint on the land. So Recycle your old cell phones from sellcell and make your environment green.

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