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Microsoft Surface Studio Specs, Features & Price

Microsoft has finally revealed a new member of a Surface family with a name “Surface Studio“. All-in-one Windows 10 PC, the Surface Studio has numerous features and best design-build to make creative artwork in a much easier way.  Surface Studio will be the best device ever made targeting the creative

Product Review: Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Version 2.0

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Entourage is a Mac desktop email client, released in October 2000 by Microsoft which was discontinued in the year 2010. It was replaced by Outlook for Macintosh in Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. Despite of its discontinuation six years ago, it still has a vast number of users across

How Windows Operating System’s Success Level Is Higher Over Others?

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One cannot but deny the fact that computer technology has moulded our life completely in the present world. As far as judicious use of this technology is concerned, it depends on individual choice. Commonly used Operating System that most prefer to use is a Windows based system. This Operating

Microsoft’s Newest and Coolest Outlook Email App

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Microsoft's new email “Outlook” app is out already and has been gaining grounds as one of the “best” email app as expected. The company has launched the app for iOS and a preview version for Android devices. Though both Android and iOS had calender apps earlier, but Microsoft says

Microsoft Launches Online; Google Doc Alternative

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In the game of  online document editors Google plotted their mark with the Google Docs which is more productive to all gmail users to edit their documents online without installing any document editing softwares. By following up Google, Apple also launched iWork, a web versions of their Pages (Document