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How to Import Google Reader feeds in Facebook mobile App

Facebook is the most viral social media, most people spend their times in Social networks like Facebook and twitter. Now Facebook released its new app for mobile devices for Smart Phones which runs of Symbian, Android, iOS and more. The New application of Facebook is fast and more perfect

How to install Greasemonkey Add-on on firefox

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Grease monkey is the one the popular Add-on for Firefox which allow users to execute various scripts in the real time website while browsing. Today lets we going to see, How to Install Grease Monkey Add-on in Mozilla firefox. Its very simple to install, we will guide you every

How to access your uTorrent client from a remote PC.

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Imagine that you’ve kept something for download on uTorrent and you are out and want to check how much of it is done. The easiest way will be call your home and ask anyone from your home to check and let you know. After you read this post, you

3 Best Internet Security Software for Netbooks

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Netbooks are a new class of low-end laptops. They are small, lightweight and inexpensive laptop computers. It is designed primarily for accessing internet based applications. These devices are preferred nowadays by many professionals as they are easy to carry from one place to another though they do not contain

Microsoft Windows 8 – Video preview

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Most expected Next operating system is Windows 8 from Microsoft. Microsoft released the Windows 8 Preview video, which show how the next generation of windows will be. It has amazing user interface and Touch interface with or without keyboard and mouse. Even Windows 8 comes with Own PDF Reader