How to access your uTorrent client from a remote PC.

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Imagine that you’ve kept something for download on uTorrent and you are out and want to check how much of it is done. The easiest way will be call your home and ask anyone from your home to check and let you know. After you read this post, you no longer have to follow the above method. Just do as its said and you’ll be able to access your uTorrent from any part of the world.

This post shows you how to access your uTorrent client from any corner of the world. You DON’T need to have anything special to do this. You also DON’T need to have anything special such as a public IP address and stuff like that. All you need to know is how to use uTorrent client.

As we know that uTorrent is a (very) tiny BitTorrent client. It helps you download all stuffs that will keep you entertained, let it be games or your favorite movies or songs and stuff like that.

After the launch of uTorrent 3.0 I was amazed to see new features it introduced. The first one is the easy drag-n-drop files sharing system where you just drag and drop any file and it will directly generate a torrent download link.

The other one that I’ll be discussing here is the Remote or Web feature of uTorrent. With this feature you can easily access your uTorrent from any part of the world.

Web UI was a feature in uTorrent which helped you to achieve the same but you need to have a public ip and a port to get this working.


Remote uTorrent is easy to setup. Follow the steps below and your uTorrent will be available online.

Step 1: Enable uTorrent Remote Access

Fire up your uTorrent client. Go to Options->Preferences option. A Preferences dialog windows should appear. On the window select the “Remote” option from the left pane (must be the 4th last option in the left). Make sure to enable the checkbox “Enable uTorrent Remote Access”. After that’s done, fill in other details such as your Username and Password. After that’s done, click on the “Set Security Question” button.

Ok, that’s all you need to do on your uTorrent client. Now, its time to check it on a web browser.

Step 2: Test It!

Make sure your uTorrent client is started and Remote Access is enabled before trying to log in.

Fire up a web browser and enter the following URL:

As soon as the page loads you’ll have something like this:

You’ll have to move your mouse around the page as this feature is for security reasons.

After that, you’ll be able to see the login page. Enter the username and password that you set earlier.

After you’ve done that, you’ll see your uTorrent client which should look something like this:

This is created in HTML so you don’t need flash or anything to view this. This can also be accessed from a mobile phone or a tablet as well.

Make sure that you have uTorrent active and enabled before accessing it from a remote PC or else you would get an error message as:

Any doubts, Here is the Video Tutorial


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Thanks 🙂


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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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