3 Best Internet Security Software for Netbooks

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Netbooks are a new class of low-end laptops. They are small, lightweight and inexpensive laptop computers. It is designed primarily for accessing internet based applications. These devices are preferred nowadays by many professionals as they are easy to carry from one place to another though they do not contain CD drive and web camera. As net-books are basically designed for internet browsing they are most vulnerable to network threats.

Notebook security

Installation of internet security software is necessary to protect netbook from internet related damage and to prevent the computer from transferring the infection to other devices unknowingly. The software we feel like installing should be reliable and have features that fight various threats. The internet security software for netbook does not need any USB or CD.

3 Best Internet Security Software

Norton software :

Norton Software is one of the best internet security software for netbook. It is fast light internet security optimized for netbooks and stops online threats without sacrificing performance. It offers easy-to-use features including free customer support during subscription period. Norton internet security aids in PC security, identity protection and is easy to use. It helps to browse shop and carry on bank transactions with protection against hackers.

It stops the hackers from stealing your information and hard-earned money. It blocks unsafe and threat prone websites and warns us from downloading the data. It improves performance of the computer. Regularly updates the software and makes it capable of preventing latest threats. It requires Microsoft internet explorer 6.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later. The net book should have 56MB of RAM and 300 MB hard disk space. Norton system insight shows us how applications affect performance of the net book. Smart scheduler runs scans and updates only when not using the net-book.

Web-root internet security software:

Web-root internet security software  is the need of the day as it stands apart in providing efficient security to the net-book due to its high performance. It is ideal for ultra portable devices. It provides advanced protection in one streamlined program. The powerful system cleanup optimizes speed and can be easily installed in minutes. It has award winning technologies that block spyware, viruses, hackers, phishing attack and other threats. It consists of two-way firewall making it difficult for the hackers to access the computer. Minimum system requirements should be windows xp/32 bit with internet explorer 6.0 or higher and Firefox 3.0 and higher, 300 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 300 MB hard disk space are the minimum system requirements.

Kaspersky internet security software:

Kaspersky internet security software is an improved protection featuring blocks for sophisticated malware and hackers attack. It comes with a surf safe feature ensuring safe web browsing. Safe run mode is there for suspicious applications. All the online transactions are safe from the attack of cybercriminals who try to earn money by hacking. This software comes as a CD-ROM and download key. Minimum system requirements should be hard disk 160 GB, RAM 1024 MB and 1.33 GHz. This software is continuously improved with updates to fight latest malware keeping the information safe.

Thus, while choosing netbook security software, have the best one installed.

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