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Keep Your Mac Clean and Tidy With CleanMyMac 2 : Review

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First when I switched to Mac from windows, I’m clueless. I asked many people about the best antivirus and other cleaner softwares for Mac, because I lived such a way when I used windows. The same way, I installed many free apps which I got from googling to keep

Are Macs Really More Virus Proof Than PCs?

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If you are considering the purchase of a Mac computer, then you may have heard about a common selling point for these machines: Macs are significantly more virus-proof than PCs. Whilst it’s true that 16 million PC households experienced issues with serious viruses as of 2012 (a problem that

Tips to Recover Lost Photos and Other Stuff from a Dying Mac Hard Drive

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Losing one or more photos from your personal collection of photos can be deadly, in case they were clicked on a special occasion like your birthday, wedding anniversary, hang out with friends, or a family vacation. In fact, photos and videos captured on such memorable moments in your life

Experiencing Shocks while touching your Mac Might be Dangerous; Get the Fix

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Purchasing a brand new Mac or upgrading to a newer Mac machine might be one amongst the happiest moments in your life; however, problems might have already decided to poke you, but this time in an unexpected way. Doesn’t it sound weird when somebody asks if your Mac machine

Improper Volume Resizing May Cause Data Loss on Your Mac

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When it comes to resizing one or more volumes on the internal hard drive of your Mac, it is obvious for you to think at least twice before putting your hands on it. You must have a commercial partition manager compatible with the OS X version your Mac machine