How to run Android Apps On Ubuntu

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All knows that the android also a one of the milestones by the Linux. Even though it is also from Linux base we can’t able to run the application of the android directly on Linux Platform. It needs to do some more calibration for running the android application on the Linux operating system. Here I take Ubuntu Linux and show you how to run the android application in it.

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Ubuntu baked by canonical becoming the one of the most popular Linux distribution and also come as OEM this year. This is the one of the milestones achieved by Ubuntu. Ubuntu Developers took their vision to develop the Android simulator which allows the android applications to run directly on the Ubuntu desktop. Canonical Developers Michael Frey leaves some details on  the Android execution environment on the Developer summit.  As the android OS get the over the commercial vendors to create the third party application which make an essential thing to run the android applications on an every Linux Distro to make the user experience as too better and boost the flexibility.

Android in ubuntu

We have to wait for the simulator from a canonical to run android application on the desktop directly . Hope so this simulator may receive at a user end by 2014. Until that you make the android applications run on the Ubuntu Desktop by yourself by following tutorial.

As the android applications are created to run with the ARM CPU the conflict begins from there towards lot many. Even though apart from those compatibility issues android use the JAVA instances which gone make a light in a dark for us.

Essential Bundles require to Run Android Applications in Ubuntu:

Make your Ubuntu Platform to ready with a list of applications listed below

  • Java 7 JDK and Runtime Environment

Install it from the Ubuntu Software Center , which is the easiest way (Or) Use

Terminal command :sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre openjdk-7-jdk icedtea-7-plugin

  • Android SDK tools Only

Download it from Here. (Or) Use

Terminal command : wget

  • libgl1-mesa-dev (To avoid Error During the launch of Android Virtual Machine)

Terminal Command : sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev


Creating the Virtual Android Platform In Ubuntu:

  • After the Download completed Extract the ‘android-sdk_r22.0.1-linux.tgz‘ file by right click on it and select ‘Extract to Here’ (Or) Use

Terminal command tar -xvzf android-sdk_r22.0.1-linux.

  • Next navigate to the tools folder inside the android-sdk_r22.0.1-linux folder and run the file named android.
  • In terminal use the following command as shown below to launch the Android SDK Manager.

Android SDK manager Ubuntu

Android SDK Manager ubuntu

  • Make sure that you have an active Internet connection. The android SDK manager shows the list of software to be installed. Install it by clicking Install button.  Accept the terms and conditions and proceed to download. Make sure that all your selected packages are installed successfully before exiting the Android SDK Manager.

Note : If you don’t have an active Internet connection to download these packages. Download the Full Android ADK for Linux available for download from here

  • Open terminal and navigate to the tools folder inside the android-sdk-linux using cd command as already shown above.
  • Type the command : sudo gedit ~/.bashrc and add these two lines at the starting of the file or at the middle and save it.

export PATH=${PATH}:~/android-sdk-linux/tools

export PATH=${PATH}:~/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools

  • Now it’s ready. In the terminal type  : android avd to launch the emulator.

android Emulator ubuntu

  • Click the New button to configure the new emulator.

New Android Virtual Device (AVD)

Note : Don’t use special characters in AVD name, Don’t change the size of the ram, it will result in memory allocation error in some cases.

Keep the values as per the image for better Compatibility.

  • After finishing all the settings click OK button. The New AVD was listed in the AVD manager.

Android Virtual Device Manager 1

  •   Select the AVD you want to start and click Start Button. It will  ask you for the Launch Option. Change the values as per your requirement and click the Launch button to load the AVD according to the launch option.

Launch Options AVD ubuntu

Note : You can select the screen size of the display. You can detect your monitor dpi by click the ‘?’ Button.

That’s all you are at the end of the session. Your AVD will Load now. You can see a virtual Android Device with Internet connected.

ubuntu on android

Note : Mouse Click Instead of touch

Install *. apk File inside Virtual Device Manually.

Now your virtual machine got the capability of running the android application in it. You can install the android application directly download it using the web browser available in the AVD or else copy the apk file to the below mentioned location.


  • Start the AVD which you want to install the apk application.
  • After your virtual device Started.
  • Open a new terminal window by pressing Ctrl+alt+T. Navigate to the platform-tool folder using the cd command as you know already.
  • Type the following command in the Terminal.

                adb install [androidapplication name.apk]

install apk application in ubuntu

Now you can see an Installed application installed inside the Virtual Android Device’s menu and  the application is ready to use.

whatsapp on ubuntu

If you have any doubts kindly drop us in Comment Section below.

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